Rito Laico
Humanist ceremonies in Italy


Most of us want to mark important events in our lives such as births, marriages and partnerships as well as to commemorate people we have loved when they die.

For those of us with no religious belief, it’s important that we can mark these occasions with honesty, warmth and affection, using words and music that are personal and appropriate to the lives and the people involved. Humanist cerimonies are warm, personal and inclusive. They make no reference to religion, to gods or to superstition.

Humanist ceremonies are unique, created specially for the people involved and based on shared human values with no dependency on religion or superstition. What’s important to us, as it is to you, is the occasion and the person or people being celebrated or commemorated. There are no special rules or strict observances beyond basic legal requirements. Our celebrants will plan the ceremony you want, in close consultation with you to make sure it’s exactly what you and your family want.

“For the first time ever I felt comforted and not offended by the words spoken at a funeral.”

“The celebration of our wedding was both joyful and liberating. It was everyting we had dreamed of and hoped for.”

“The cerimony to welcome David into our family was both moving and beautiful.”

“The sincerity and simplicity of the cerimony was a great comfort, and treated my husband’s lack of belief with the repect it deserved.”

Funerali senza dio- a new manual in Italian